• An auto dealership located in St. Paul.  A classic urban sign that covers part of the window that exposes the interior ceiling of the building, a must have for this location.
  • A project for a non-profit located in Minneapolis. The box sign is double sided, and the banner can be moved to new location if needed. This project also required a small pvc sign banning guns on premise.
  • Located outside an office complex in Becker. This project required light to shine through the vinyl sign for optimal visibility at night.
  • This laminated aluminum sign blank is perfect for outdoor durability. This baked enamel finish makes it easy to update, or redesign.
  • This banner has custom illustration and lettering, and will work great for indoor or outdoor use. These high durability materials ensure perfect display for 7-8 years. This project hung up by #2 brass grommets.
  • This eye catching design with a duel toned background and great accent color, is sure to draw attention to your business.
  • This large display, which was installed over a pre-existing painted wooden sign, is a fantastic way to give your business a presence.  A simple three-color design is a great, affordable way to advertise.
  • This custom-cut, double sided sign, located in Buffalo, and brings a sense of comfort and success to this apartment complex‚Äôs entrance.  A great way to establish your rental properties.

Featured above you will find examples of projects by Mirk Graphics.
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